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MC/MCC Defined

More descriptive information about the MC/MCC...

The patch usually consists of three pieces as follows:
1. top rocker (club name) 2. patch in the middle 3. bottom rocker (area/location)

Important Last Notes:
As can be seen from the above, one can easily understand why the MC/MCC commands respect. This explains why most of us want the MC/MCC braiding on our patches. Take a long hard look at the description again and let it sink in - understand it! Are you really ready for this kind of commitment? Are you prepared to make the sacrifices and walk the walk that this type of club requires? Yes, there are those amongst us that can't live any other way, but there are also those who want the respect but can't live up to it. Don't get caught out. Now you know what is expected from you when you have MC or MCC braiding on your patch - all or nothing. You either live by it or you get out.

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