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Types Of Clubs

An MC is most certainly universally accepted (literally...all over the world) as being the most senior and serious type of club. Although almost all 1%'ers are MC's, they distinguish themselves from non 1%'ers by wearing the diamond 1% patch. In our country an MCC is similar to an MC in all respects but even here an MC is regarded as being the more senior club. Like we say, generally accepted or regarded as is the term.

Some think that MC's are reserved for males only. That is a can of worms. No, this depends on the specific club and their internal rules. It is true that most of the 1%'ers don't allow females, but then again some non 1%'er MCC's don't either. This is South Africa and woman ride bikes just like men...and need to be accommodated.

To sum up. In SA the MC is generally accepted as being the most serious type of club and is associated with a serious clubbing lifestyle. The MCC's are generally accepted as being similar, but not as rigid. Whether an MC or MCC, the club earns respect by how they follow protocol and carry themselves, and how they interact with their peers in the biking community. Another important aspect is whether they live the lifestyle or not. Living the lifestyle? The answer to that is enough to fill a book.

Listed below are some of the generally accepted requirements for the different types of clubs. We must stress that specific attributes will differ from club to club. Be aware that there are sub cultures amongst the different types of clubs. What never changes though, is the level of commitment. Depending on your club's level of commitment, it will fit one of the types of clubs listed below.

MC - Motorcycle Club (more detail)
A serious lifestyle club. The MC is generally reserved for those clubs that are mutually recognized by other clubs with MC status. It is true that outlaw and 1%'er culture clubs generally are MC's, but there are also many MC's out there who are non outlaw and non 1%'ers.

MCC - Motor Cycle Club (more detail)
The MCC is similar to the MC in terms of being a serious lifestyle club. However, this acronym signifies that such clubs are non outlaw and non 1%'er.

RC - Riding Club
Are you serious about biking, but can't commit full time like those in the MC or MCC? Nothing wrong with starting an RC, which is in fact a great place to start out if you are thinking of becoming an MC or MCC later. You have lots of freedom and space. Many will find that the RC can satisfy completely. Members are not pressured and can participate in club affairs in their own time at their own pace. Apart from paying your clubs subs, not much else is mandatory, excepting to abide by the club rules. You can experience true brotherhood in an RC. The RC members usually ride together and do things together and have good order. An RC patch can be a one piece or a two piece patch with RC embroided on it. This type of club will be the most popular and cater for the greater part of the biking community.

SC/SMC - Social Club or Social Motorcycle Club
Do you just like riding casually with your family and/or friends? Maybe you and your compatriots are just starting out in the biking scene and don't know the ropes, but want to learn? None of you want to get involved in serious club commitments? You don't want strict rules? However, you all like attending the events and the rallies together and want to be a real part of it all. You all love the biking vibe. If this is the case, you will prefer the absolute freedom of the Social Club. It allows you the right to wear a one piece patch with SC or SMC embroided on it. You really ARE a part of the biking community. Notwithstanding the requirements below, and especially if you are planning to upgrade this club to RC/MCC in the future, nothing stops you from running according to RC/MCC requirements from the start. This will make it very much easier on you when the time comes to upgrade.

Other Types Of Clubs
There are also brand clubs, i.e. clubs dedicated to a particular marque, including those sponsored by various manufacturers. Into this group would also be particular model clubs i.e. clubs that only host members with six cylinder bikes etc. There are also religiously oriented clubs such as the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Then there are national association clubs like Ulysses South Africa, which bases its membership criteria on a minimum age. None of these clubs fall into any of the above type of club categories, but they may emulate one. They all have patches but the 'MC/MCC/RC/SC/SMC' acronyms do not appear on them. Patches of some of the well known 'other types of clubs' in SA:

Membership Of Controlling Bodies (applies to all clubs)
In order to build solid unity, it is recommended that all clubs become members of a controlling body.

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