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1%'er or 1% Originated from the event at Hollister in 1947 and the public outrage caused by Life magazine and others. The AMA said 99% of motorcyclists are good law abiding citizens. The remaining 1% are extremists. They are the 1% of the community that are either outlaw (which is rare in our area), or extreme serious hard core lifestyle bikers. They wear a small diamond shaped 1% patch on their cuts. Don't think of putting on a 1% patch that you can't back up, for you will be severely educated by the real 1%'ers. They WILL go out of their way to find you, and won't stop until they do.
13 Usually a "13" is embroided on a small diamond shaped patch, the same size as the 1%'er diamond patch. The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. It usually represents 'Motorcycle' or 'Marijuana' or 'Murder'. It depends on the wearer to decide what it means to them. Once again, this patch is earned by reputation only, so don't be stupid and award yourself one.
Bash A word that refers to biker gathering, party, or jol.
Bylaws A term referring to Club Rules, or Constitution.
Cage An automobile, small truck, bakkie or truck. Basically, any vehicle that is not on two or three wheels.
Cager A person whose primary mode of transportation is a four wheeler.
Colors A unique club patch (or patch and rockers) that are worn on the back of the rider's jacket or cuts. Colors are meant to be 'flown' - worn whilst riding a motorcycle or exercising the lifestyle between Brothers. Many clubs consider it to be 'greatly dishonouring one's club colors' to wear them when riding in a cage.
Cut or Cuts A term taken from the early practice of cutting the collars and/or sleeves from a denim or leather jacket. Some modern guys also call them waistcoats. Cuts have your club colors affixed to the back. They are worn over your jacket. Many also affix metal and cloth badges to them.
Fly Colors To ride on a motorcycle wearing colors. Colors are never to be worn in a cage. Its considered a great disrespect to the colors.
ICC Acronym for Ice Cream Club. They are not respected, or have not yet earned respect, or are in the process of earning respect.
Jol An accepted way to refer to a biking event, usually a day event, but not necessarily so. Bikers gather at a jol to party or celebrate. Stems from an Afrikaans word meaning "play".
Hangaround Someone that frequents places where motorcycle clubs routinely gather. They are there to party and get acquainted with club members. Some hang-around's are offered membership and turn it down because while the hang-around enjoys friendship with the club members, he is not willing to commit his life to the club. In the serious clubs, you become a hang-around before you can become a prospect. See more...
Kit Car A cage transporting the kit of bikers en route to some or other destination, like a rally.
MC or MCC Acronyms for Motorcycle Club. See more...
Nomad Members of a motorcycle club that are voted in to the privilege of not being tied to any one chapter, and therefore relieved of daily mundane chapter responsibilities and paying chapter dues. They can attend meetings of any chapter that is convenient. Roving members are usually nomad.
Old Lady A woman with wife status. Sometimes there is a legal marriage, but its all a personal preference.
Originals Original set of colors worn by a member when he/she was first voted in as a full member. Originals are never laundered or cleaned. Any soil only reflects the many miles of hard road and hard parties it has seen. It shows the true sign of a veteran. When the originals get so worn they're starting to fall apart, they are stored in a safe place, only brought out to be worn at funerals or other life-changing events.
"Property of" Patch A "property of" patch is worn by female members of a 1%'er club to denote membership in that club. Public are often taken aback by this because on the surface it denotes ownership of another. However, this patch has a different meaning in the MC world. It serves as a WARNING to others outside the club that the female member wearing this patch is to be respected the same as a fully patched male member and that the female member warrants the same protection as their male counterparts. This patch does not make the female member equal within club hierarchy. These patches are rare in Southern Africa and generally not part of our biking culture. They are typically found in the USA and a few other countries.
Patch This is the main insignia of a club and is found on the back of the cuts. It uniquely identifies the club. It is only worn by fully patched in members.
Patch Over If a larger dominant club has good relations with a smaller club and they decide the smaller club has some or other convenience - or the larger club just needs to grow its numbers and strength, they will absorb the smaller club who will then wear the patch of the larger dominate club. The smaller club may then cease to exist.
Patched In When a new member is approved for full membership after successfully completing the prospect or probationary period, he/she is given his/her patch at a celebration. The member is now properly IN the club and referred to as fully patched in.
Poser Phoney, fake, plastic biker, or club.
Prospect Club probationary member. See more...
RC Acronym for Riding Club. See more...
Rocker An item attached to the back of the cuts. A rocker can be either above or below the patch (if one exists), or above and below. Usually donates the club name if above, and the area/town/country if below. Sometimes only rockers are present with no patch. This happens when the member is not yet fully patched in, ie still a prospect.
Run A club sanctioned outing for a ride, party or event, sometimes with other chapters and/or clubs.
SC Acronym for Social Club. See more...
SMC Acronym for Social Motorcycle Club. See more...
Standing See Bad Standing.

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