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Starting A New Chapter

Starting a new chapter of an existing club makes a lot of sense, and is generally not frowned upon as in starting a new club. However, let this not be seen as an easy way to get patched, or to inherit respect. As with all biking protocol, there is an accepted and correct way of going about this.

These are the broad guidelines. We must stress that the specific procedural requirements will depend on the local controllong body's rules.

OSBM invites the controlling bodies to send us links to the pages on their web sites that deal with their specific requirements for starting a new chapter. As we receive the links, we will publish them here. At this time we find no such published information.

A new chapter in a new area is the SAME as a new club in that area. That's how the established clubs in that area will see it. For that reason the new chapter must prove themselves worthy, just as if they were establishing a new club. If you start a chapter without following accepted protocol, you run the risk of becoming unpopular in your local biking community. If you want their respect, do what they require of you, and do it right.

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