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The text below is based on being a prospect with an MC or MCC club, but can apply to any club that practices prospecting.

When the time comes and the club accepts you as a prospect - STOP! You are now a PROBATIONARY member, not a FULL member. You have made the first step by passing the hangaround period, but there is still a long road ahead. Don't pat yourself on the back yet. Generally, an MC will have a longer prospect period than an MCC, but this will depend on the clubs rules.

You are by no means completely in the club yet. All that has happened is that the club has seen you as a possible future fully patched member and your real test period has begun. It's not wine and roses, but then again it's not that bad either. They will ask you to do things, but nothing unreasonable. You will be watched, tested, evaluated and educated. By educated we mean they will teach you things. You'll be told in no uncertain terms what is expected of you. Sometimes you'll be guided gently and firmly. Other times you'll learn the harder way.

To be a really good prospect, learn the members names, occupations, hobbies and whatever else you can. A club is a brotherhood, so be a brother. Also make sure you are available for ALL events. You must participate wherever you can. Prospects are expected to do as they are told or instructed, that's a given, so DO it. You'll get dirty jobs like cleaning up. Do them with a smile. The members have all done these things before you. Know that every job done is a step closer to being part of the club.

Being a prospect is about learning. Accept and remember the lessons they teach you. You are also learning the meaning of respect and discipline. Don't go upstream. Never get pissed off and throw a tantrum. Make the sacrifices you have to make to become part of them. If you are instructed to do things that go against your grain then you picked the wrong bunch from the start. You do what they tell you and you live with it. No compromise.

During this time a road name may be picked for you. This name indicates who you are when in club attire. The road name will be short and describe your personality or something that happened to you.

If your probation time gets extended it means you have screwed up, and you should talk to your sponsor. Your sponsor (the guy who introduced you to the club) is your closest mentor. He is responsible for you and must answer to the members for your doings, so don't make his life difficult.

A couple of "cardinal sins" to bear in mind:

If you decide to get out, leaving could be difficult, no matter how you approach them. You'll have attended club meetings and gotten to know the intimate and private insides of the club. They will regard your leaving as disrespect to all of them. There will be issues. Can't give guidelines here, but you'd better have a good (and believable) reason for dropping out. Don't take this lightly.

To sum it up...the prospect is a PROBATIONARY club member who must still prove that he has what it takes to become a FULL club member, but he is a CLUB MEMBER none the less. Prospecting should not be looked at as a necessary evil, but a labor of love. It's been one of the core traditions of serious bike clubs since the beginning. This is the single most important part of learning to be a Brother and becoming one with your club.

When the day comes that they make you a fully patched member and call you Brother, you will know what you need to know. You will understand many things that can't be fully explained here. You will experience an intense satisfaction and feeling of belonging that only those who have walked this road before will understand.

But, it does not end here. Now you are fully committed to your brothers and sisters forever, and forever can be a long time. Good luck!

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Although the videos below are UK and USA based, they are a good watch and confirms many of the points we have made above. Enjoy!

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