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Example MC Constitution, or Bylaws

Take this example, chop and change where required to suite your particular club, or add your own stuff. This is just to get you going.

XYZ MC is a motorcycle Club and a non-profit organization. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are all elected officers, along with two additional elected members (who are not club officers) for the Executive Board. All others appointed by the President after a confidence vote from patch-holders in good standing.

The elected committee will consist of:

The executive board consists of the PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, ROAD CAPTAIN and SERGEANT AT ARMS. They may appoint additional members at their discretion. The board holds scheduled meetings every two weeks. Emergency meetings can be called if a situation arises that demands immediate attention. The executive board is responsible for:

  1. The monitoring of conflicts within the Club.
  2. The application of disciplinary procedures.
  3. The evaluation of prospects and their progress.
  4. The presentation of summarized assessments of the overall Club situation to the membership (court).

Court will consist of all patch holders that are eligible to vote.

The committee serves a twelve month term of office. Annual elections are held at the last regular meeting of the year.

  1. In order to be eligible for office, a patch holder has to have been an active member in good standing for a minimum of one year.
  2. Patch holders who aspire towards a particular position will campaign informally for one month prior to the elections.
  3. Electioneering is conducted on an interpersonal face to face basis.
  4. Candidate will approach a member, ask for member's opinion of his/her qualifications, and solicit the member's support.

The following rules apply:

  1. One organized meeting per month.
  2. Majority rules.
  3. If a vote is taken at a meeting and a member is not there, his/her vote is void.
  4. Meetings will be closed except for prospective members and anyone there on business.
  5. All meetings will be run on a parliamentary basis. Members will be evicted for unruly conduct.
  6. Quorum for a meeting is sixty percent of membership and eighty percent for membership votes.
  7. Everyone will attend the meeting on his bike if it is favorable weather, unless his bike is broken down or not running at the time. If the Club calls a ride/meeting, all members will attend. If a member is working, sick, bike not running, he/she will be excused. However, if a XYZ MC member repeatedly uses work as an excuse for not 'being there,' he/she will be 'talked to'.
  8. Members must wear colors when attending meetings.
  9. Members must be of sound mind (sober) when attending meetings.
  10. If a member attends a meeting and is intoxicated, he/she will be FINED.
  11. There will be no liquor or other substance consumed during meetings.
  12. During a meeting there will be no talking among members until they get the floor through the president. A sergeant-at-arms, if not present, will be appointed and anyone not abiding by the above will be evicted.
  13. If you miss three(3) meetings in a row without good reason you are out.
  14. Anyone missing meetings, even if at work, gets fined Rxxx.x except for those in hospital or out of town. This includes prospects.
  15. Members must attend meetings to leave Club and turn in his/her colors and everything that has the name XYZ MC on it (T-shirts, wrist bands, mugs, etc.).
  16. If a member is thrown out of the Club or quits without attending meetings, he/she loses his/her colors and anything else that says XYZ MC on it.

Membership qualifications - Prospects
The following rules apply:

  1. Prospects must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Prospects must have a motorcycle with at least a 400cc capacity, preferably bigger.
  3. Prospects must show a sincere interest in XYZ MC, its members, and in motorbikes.
  4. Prospect must be sponsored by at least one member who has known them for one year or longer.
  5. Sponsor is responsible for prospect's behavior at all times.
  6. Sponsor can pull a prospect's rockers at his discretion.
  7. Prospects must attend all meetings and Club functions.
  8. Prospects must do anything another member tells him to do. Whatever the member instructs the prospect to do, he should be prepared to do it himself. No degrading or humiliating stuff.
  9. Prospect will stand respectfully behind Club members.
  10. Prospect must ride his/her bike to meeting at time of being voted into Club.
  11. Prospect must pay that day Rxxx.xx for his colors before receiving them. Prospect fee is Rxxx.xx: Rxxx.xx is for annual dues, Rxxx.xx is for the patch and Rxx.xx is for first month dues. The balance is due in 90 days. This amount is not refundable.
  12. Prospect members must be voted in. Two 'no' votes equal a rejection. One 'no' vote must be explained.
  13. Prospective member's prospecting period is at the discretion of the sponsor and the Club. Directorship shall decide when vote is necessary.
  14. Every patch holder must vote YES for prospect to make center patch. Vote must be unanimous.
  15. No prospect will be voted for center patch with outstanding loan(s).
  16. Only the sponsor or a committee member may hand out a patch to a prospect. This will be done at a meeting with only patch holders present.

The rules of the Club will be strictly enforced. If anyone breaks them, executive board will deal them with. If these rules and regulations are broken, it could mean either immediate dismissal or suspension, whatever the executive board sees fit.

  1. Failure to pay his dues according to the section dealing with the paying of dues.
  2. No use of drugs in any form. Anyone using a needle for any reason other than having a doctor use it on you will be considered hype. (Automatic kick-out from Club)
  3. If any brother gets hooked on any drug that is dangerous to the Club he will be helped first. Then he will be dealt by the executive board.
  4. If you're selling illegal you don't do it as a Club member, you don't wear your colors, you don't wear your Club T-shirts (Automatic kick-out from Club).
  5. There will be no stealing amongst members. Anyone caught will get an ass kicking and be kicked out of the Club (Automatic kick-out from Club).
  6. If a patch holder or prospect throws his colors or quits, colors are pulled (Automatic kick-out from Club).
  7. Members cannot belong to any other clubs.
  8. If a group or individual attacks any member, the whole Club shall stand behind that member and fight if necessary. If, however, the member is drunk and aggressive and purposely starts an argument, the rest of the members will escort that member away, or step between before trouble starts.
  9. No member will disgrace the Club by being yellow. (The above rules will be put forward to prospects. If they cannot abide by these rules and are not in favor of them, they will automatically be denied membership to the Club.)
  10. No member will purposely destroy Club property.
  11. No member shall have the attitude that they doesn't have to help other members and other members don't have to help them.
  12. No member will go against anything the Club has voted for and passed.
  13. No member will get together on their own and plan something for themselves on Club rides. It will be brought up to the whole Club and the whole Club will participate in anything that is decided upon.
  14. The Club will always stay together on rides, runs, parties, rallies etc. and will not fraternize with rival clubs. The only way a member will be permitted to leave the main group will be to notify the President or whoever is in charge. When the time comes that the majority feels it is time to leave, we will all leave together. Anyone staying behind for a good reason will do so at his own risk and can expect no help.
  15. Members and prospects will attend Club events, whatever they might be. Members must have a good reason for non attendance.

General Rules (Standard Operating Procedures - SOP)
If anyone breaks general rules, executive board will deal with them and/or voted by the court.

  1. If Brothers should have an argument that leads to a fight, they shall not fight each other with weapons. When any XYZ MC member fights another XYZ MC member, it is one on one, prospects same as members.
  2. If you don't help out the Club in its activities and you use the Club solely for your benefit, you will be warned. No second chance.
  3. Do as you say or walk the line.
  4. An XYZ MC member losing privilege of wearing colors will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over prospects.
  5. The treasurer shall keep a record of all money paid in and out during the week and will balance it before every meeting; the books will be gone over once a week.
  6. All XYZ MC member fines will be paid within 30 days. Fines will be paid to the treasurer.
  7. Members with extra parts will loan them to members. They must be replaced or paid for.
  8. Where we go on our rides will be voted upon by the entire membership.
  9. Each patch holder/prospect is required to maintain a valid motor vehicle license, which includes the authorization to operate motorcycle.
  10. Everyone must have a bike. Consideration will be give to any member who is in between bikes but he must sincerely intend to get another bike in the near future.
  11. If for some reason, such as a license suspension, a member can't ride on the road for a long period of time, or if he is without a bike for a short time, he will turn in his patch and upon getting back on the road, the patch will be returned.
  12. If a member's bike has not been ridden for a period of thirty days, unless he is in hospital, his colors will be confiscated. A member's bike must be ridden for at least one week (e.g., not fifteen minutes), to be exempt from the above rule. This period is subject to change at the discretion of the executive board. This is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB!
  13. Confirmation vote is required for all new patch-holders at their 12-month point. Unanimous vote from all good standing members is required.
  14. Absolutely no talking about Club business to persons outside the Club. No talking about Club business over any telephone.
  15. If you are told you are too drunk to ride, you will turn over your keys to a Brother. You and your bike will be taken care of.
  16. If the Road Captain or another Officer determines your bike is unsafe to ride, you are grounded until it is safe.
  17. During funeral runs, no one will pack a pillion. Patch must be seen.
  18. There shall be a wrecking crew consisting of the Sergeant at Arms, the Junior Patch, and whomever the Senior Patch may designate. The purpose of the wrecking crew is to check out bars, etc. prior to entry by President, Vice President, or Senior Patch.
  19. Prospects will watch members bikes when members are at Club functions, in bars, and anywhere the senior member present deems necessary.
  20. There will be a Club run on a Sunday once a month. Whoever picks the run route will lead the pack.

The following rules apply:

  1. Club dues will be paid each month, due by the first day of the month.
  2. Two months overdue is the limit.
  3. They are Rxx.xx per month and Rxxx.xx yearly.
  4. Dues will be Rxx.x per month payable every meeting or every second meeting.
  5. Annual Dues of Rxxx.xx will be paid by 1 October.
  6. Upon failure of paying dues within two weeks, member shall be suspended and turn in their colors.
  7. If within two months dues still aren't paid, the colors will be forfeited and member will no longer be considered a member. The only exception to this shall be if a member is out of town or in hospital for a period of time. Dues will be paid when he/she returns.
  8. All loans or debts will be secured by collateral. Members will agree upon payment. Two patch holders must be present in any personal loan transaction.

The following rules apply:

  1. President gets colors from Club when a new president is voted in.
  2. When a member leaves Club, member turns over colors to President.
  3. Respect your colors; don't let anyone take them from you except the President himself.
  4. No colors are worn in a cage, except during funerals and loading or unloading a bike from a truck.
  5. Nothing will be worn on the back of your jacket except colors.
  6. Colors must be worn at all times when riding or at Club functions. Only one of your Brothers or your lady can baby sit your colors. Colors are not required to be worn to and from employment if not allowed by employer. If patch is lost or stolen, patch holder will be judged by court.
  7. The only way a member of XYZ MC can retire and keep his/her patch is if officers authorize them. Minimum time for retirement is 5 years.

The following rules apply:

  1. Don't fuck around with a Brother's lady. (an ass kicking and kick-out from Club)
  2. Property patches will be brought up before all patch holders for input. Majority vote from all eligible patch holders is required.
  3. Members are responsible for their ladies at all times.
  4. Members may have more than one(1) lady.
  5. Members may not discuss Club business with their lady.
  6. Ladies only allowed at meetings if prospect or fully patched.
  7. Ladies are allowed unescorted at Clubhouse only by prior arrangement.
  8. Property patch is worn optional on a lady. So if you see a chick you better ask before you leap.

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