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Females In The Biking Community

Biker Chic Fact is that today there are plenty of patched clubbing females out there riding their own bikes, or riding as permanent pillions. Our modern organized biking community has undergone radical change and is a far cry from the original 1940's USA era where females were not allowed to be patched and were regarded as the property of their patched male owners. Evolution has taken place over the years. But, where exactly are we now regarding female participation?

Generally, the more serious an old school the club, the probability of finding patched female members decreases. However, this should not be regarded as the only barometer to measure the seriousness of a club. OSBM acknowledges the diversity out there, and the fact that there are serious clubs that accommodate female membership, whilst there are those who do not, and those in between. We must learn to respect the fact that clubs are "birds of a feather" and each have their own rules regarding many matters, the female membership issue being just one of them.

For the sake of better clarity, let's discuss this by specific type of club.

MC/MCC Clubs
These are the most serious clubs but, fact is even amongst them we find fully patched female riders and pillions. OSBM acknowledges that patched females do exist amongst these clubs, and that the status of their female members depends on the individual club rules. Generally, apart from an all female MC, these clubs don't allow females to serve on their executive committee's, and in some cases the patching of females, and even female membership, is not allowed at all.

RC Clubs
Given the freedom allowed by this type of club, and much the same as the MC/MCC clubs, the status and patching of their female members will depend on the individual club rules. Generally, the presence of females is not an issue and they serve on their executive committee's.

SC/SMC Clubs
Because the SC or SMC has total freedom and is a non serious club, it is not important how females are patched or serve within these clubs.

As said above, learn to respect the rules of the clubs and the diversity out there. Each club has it's own flavor, beliefs and cultures. What's accepted as normal in one will be unheard of in another. Each one decides for themselves. At the end of the day, you choose what you support and who you identify with.

General protocol regarding female bikers, or females with bikers:
We, the modern day Knights of the Road, live by the universal Bikers Code. As an extension to that code we don't mess with another Brother's lady, girlfriend, sister, lady-friend, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. UNLESS we have specific permission from that Brother. Bikers look after their woman, no matter if they are spouses, partners, family, friends, or invited guests. Bikers don't allow their woman to become involved in acts that may cause them harm. Bikers respect their woman. A biker will take care of the woman and kids belonging to his Brother as if they were his own.

The points mentioned here become even more serious in the serious clubs. Take note and remember this next time you interact with the biking community, so that you may avoid being educated the hard way. It's not nice to know stuff. It's must know stuff.

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