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Posted by: OSBM
Very rare. Bikers with a need for the road to stretch out in front of them but without a care for destinations. This does not depend on the brand they straddle or even their age. It does not really matter if its a Cruiser or a Sport bike, but the Old School biker knows with each style of motorcycle comes its own etiquette. Their machines are an extension of themselves and will only be put on a trailer by a repo man. They ride any weather any time to anywhere. They have a way of thinking not understood by those who don`t know, but most of all they understand the meaning of respect, discipline and values. This they live by, and die by if the need be. You want to be one of them? Make them your friends and listen carefully to the things they say and do. The number of years you`ve been in the saddle does not make you an Old School biker. Rather, its a state of the mind, a way of thinking. You`ll know when you get there.