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By default, bikers in the organized biking community are sociable and live for getting together. The reason is simple. Getting together means to ride your bike, or rather, that it what it should mean. As with everything, rallies have evolved over the years.

In the beginning bikers rode together to a quite place out of town, usually in the middle of nowhere, with no facilities, and they partied. Some carried a bed roll (just a blanket), some nothing, and others had small tents. They'd make a fire, braai their meat and drink their beer. They would talk bike until whenever, settle disputes, tell dirty jokes, laugh and party and then go home. The old timers describe these events as the best of their lives and many stories are still told around the camp fires when the tongues are loose.

As the numbers in the community increased, some were sharp to realize that money could be made if these get togethers were better organized. Thus evolved the rally...presented by bikers (usually a club) for the enjoyment and pleasure of other bikers. Originally, these first rallies were rather exclusive. They were small because the infrastructure to advertise them was limited, and in most cases you attended by invite only. It was unthinkable to arrive in a car (also called a cage) or have your kit transported for you.

These things were just not done. Hell, these were bike rallies. After all, going in a car, or bringing a car Games Picalong defeated the aim of it all...which was riding your bike to party with your brother bikers. It was all about that ride.

Today, many rallies are presented countrywide, but man...they have changed! Has the evolutionary change been good though? Well, that question is not easy to answer because there are as many opinions out there as bikers. The modern breed of new bikers have only been exposed to what they know. If they did not enter the organized biking community in the correct way, they will not have been taught, and will not know of anything other than what is dished up to them today.

One has to approach the answer to whether or not the evolutionary changes are good by looking at the big picture and asking yourself whether or not the changes are good for biking.

It's a free world out there and you will choose your rallies and pay your own hard earned money for the one's you decide to support.

OSBM has compiled a list of some important things that could influence your choice:

OSBM is aware that rallies come in different flavours. Some very popular rallies are advertised as family rallies, so kids will be there. If you  endorse that kind of rally, then by all means take your family and go enjoy yourselves. If you chose to attend such a family rally then know what you have chosen, and expect to find what the organizers promised. Don't make loud noises afterwards about the kids disrupting your "kuier" with their quads and rackety pocket bikes. It's another story to go to a rally advertised as hard core old school only to find kids and public inside. We'd say that in that case that the organizers have committed treason against the biking community by lying to get their support under false pretences.

You must make sure that the rally events you attend are what they say they are. If they allow something that goes against your grain, do not go. Do not support them. Find another that offers you what you looking for. They are all out there. The choice is yours.

Finally, OSBM urges rally organizers to play their part to get our organized biking community back on track.

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