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Behaviour At An Event


This is a huge topic. It is not possible to cover every situation that can occur, but we can provide you with some time proven and solid guidelines. We are going to assume that you know nothing and have never been to a biking event before. The events we will be talking about on this page are not rallies. Even though much of the guidelines we will mention also apply to rallies, we will concentrate on an "in house" event hosted by a club at their club house.

Usually such events are "open" events that are publicly advertised by the hosting club, so no specific personal invitation is required. An "open" event is just that - open to all bikers. Whether you go as an individual or with your club is immaterial and the guidelines listed below apply in all cases.

In a nutshell, the two main aspects to bear in mind and adhere to are protocol and respect, However there is also another very important consideration. Ask yourself why you are there and what message you are delivering whilst you are there. Try to see yourself and your actions as an onlooker. Would you be happy with what you see? Catch the point?


Behaviour Guidelines
Ok, so you are a rough and tough biker and you are going to do this jol - and you are going to paint the place red and make certain you are seen and taken note of. You must "live up to the biker image" and make sure you "put your stamp" on things. Hold on! You had better read the guidelines below, because if this is your perception of how it is then you have much to learn.

Basically, the stuff we have stated on this page counts at any event, no matter whether it's public or biking. Nothing weird or sissy like about being a proud patch of a respected motorcycle club proving to all and sundry that he is worth his patch and honours his club and his brothers and sisters. That's the kind of person we'd want in our club.

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