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Organized Biking Community

Broadly speaking, organized biking consists of groups of bikers who wear a patch and have formed themselves into clubs and controlling bodies.

Organized Biking Now here's the thing. When you put a patch on your back and go out there, you identify yourself as a clubber in the organized biking community. Whether or not you intended to do this is immaterial. That's how it is. So, DO NOT PUT A PATCH ON YOUR BACK and appear without a blessing. If you do you are disrespecting every club out there, and they are not going to like it. Organized biking has many eyes and they will see those new and unknown patches. If you just appear without doing the correct protocol you will have problems. This you must understand. Read this paragraph again.

Let's explain it another way...
You wear an army officer's uniform, but you are not a real officer. You go out there. You pass some non commissioned ranks on the street. They will salute you because this is military protocol. What will happen if they discover you are not a real officer? Whoa, big problems for you! It's the same in the organized biking community. This silly example illustrates why you become part of organized biking when you wear a patch in the community. It's like the officers uniform.

So, as part of organized biking, and by wearing your patch, you indicate to everybody what you are, but...

Black Jacket Black Jacket Riders
A rider wearing no patch is called a black jacket rider. These riders are not part of organized biking. They are free to attend any biking event and can ride as they please. They are not bound to, or by, any of the organized biking protocols. Therefore, the advice we offer is that if you want to join organized biking but don't know the ropes, stay a black jacket until you do.

Organized biking is a serious thing. There are cultures and sub cultures that exist within the whole. Depending on where you choose to be in the structure, you will be required to live up to your choice. To sum up:

Of course, there are those who will read this page and say "Bullshit, I can do whatever I want and nobody can do a damn thing about it." Of course, this is true. Nobody can stop you. Just remember that starting out with this kind of attitude has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. You see, you get remembered. This is the thing. Sometime in the future you'll be older and wiser and may want to get serious in the biking community. That's when it will bite you. Don't make a reputation you'll have to live down or run away from later. Many have found this out the hard way. Put your ego aside and listen to sound advice - DON'T START OUT WRONG and...

DON'T enter organized biking with misconceptions about how it works. DO know what is expected of you.

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