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About OSBM

OSBM (Old School Biker Movement) was established early in 2011 by a group of old school bikers. Our members come from all corners of the Southern African sub continent and belong to many different clubs. We are not biased towards or against any specific country, controlling body, province or club in any way whatsoever. We prescribe to nobody. We do not make rules.

As our mission statement declares, providing guidelines to the biking community is what we do. OSBM has thus established researched guidelines so that the uninformed can educate themselves. In this way, the bikers out there will have a platform to work from, and be pointed in a proper direction.

The code reads:
I shall preserve and honour traditions of bikers before me, and I will pass them on unaltered.
One sentence with a massive implication.

In effect, this is what OSBM is intent on doing, and why we exist.

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